Friday, March 11, 2011

San Antonio / Army All-American Bowl

In January we were lucky enough to go to San Antonio, TX. It may be my favorite city I have ever visited. Everywhere you turned there was amazing architecture and history. We walked the city for 3 days straight and saw all there was to see... it was tiring and yet I couldn't get enough! Here are just a few (my favorites) of the amazing photos I was able to take of the city....

This one was my mom and my favorite. It is triangular! So COOL!!!

This building is the County Courthouse. I especially liked it because it looks like a beehive on top.

This building was cool because the gray bottom is an original building from when the city was first established. They added the rest years later.

The Hospital.

This is the chapel built to entomb the remains of the Alamo heros. Davie Crocket, James Bowie, and William B. Travis.

The real reason that we went to San Antonio was to support Ryker. He was one of 99 high school seniors in the entire country invited to play in the Army All-American Bowl. We got to experience the whole thing with him. Go to practices, BBQ, banquet, multiple cool army exhibits and of course the BIG GAME. Ryker had two army mentors that he was able to spend a lot of time with and we got to meet and hang with them as well. They we really cool guys and I know Ryker is hoping to stay in touch with them through out his career.

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After the game all of the players were set up down on the field to sign autographs and mingle with fans. We had so much fun watching him. We are so proud of all his hard work. Love ya Tyke!!

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