Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peytons Birthday - 1 Year Old

Yesterday was Peyton's birthday! I can believe she is 1 already!! We all went over to Chris and Kelly's house for the big par-tay.. Peyton is in that phase where she loves getting her picture taken and she cheeses it in such a way it almost looks painful.. We loved it and I took lots of shots. So cute!! The real funny thing is I still have her new born pictures on my camera.. so you get one from the beginning too!

She loved all of her presents but the three she was the most excited for was her blanket from Tutu and Hoto, her new Teddy from Uncle Colton and Aunt Paige and her favorite of all was her Winnie the Pooh birthday card from Granny and Wes. (she looked at it forever and held it up and babbled like she was reading it to us!)

She was not into her cake at all. We had to force her to get into it and then she got kind of mad when we did.


ryan + carly said...

oh wow look at that cute little lady and her blue eyes! i can't believe she is 1 already!! insane.

Dustan and Micayla said...

Wow--times flies huh?? She looks just like her daddy--wow!! What a doll!

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